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Information Design Award for Excellence

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The Information Design Award for Excellence is awarded annually to an MRU student in their second, third or fourth year studying Information Design. This scholarship allows students to fully immerse themselves into their Information Design degree knowing they have financial support to invest in their studies. Donations will be generously matched by Associate Professor Brian Traynor up to the fundraising goal of $5,000.  

"Receiving the award for Information Design Award for Excellence was unexpected, wonderful and confidence-building, and I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your kindness and generosity that make this award possible.

I remember walking to find my first class, to a room we now fondly call the “dungeon”, as we need to go through a fire door to access the classroom down a hallway. As I sat on the window ledge waiting for the door to open, I looked at the long narrow, story-telling posters on the wall. I remember thinking, “How do they even do that?”. In my third year, I can confidently say I can do that, and much more! With the experience and guidance from my professors, supportive family and my diligent work effort, I have been able to thrive and exceed my own expectations in the program."

-Award recipient

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Information Design
Information designers use human-centric processes to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience by building skills in problem-solving, design-thinking, writing, data visualization and usability testing. Students learn to develop information products that are clear, concise and visually engaging in online, print, mobile and even augmented and virtual reality environments. Information designers translate complicated information (data) into simple, understandable and useful content for business and citizens, advocating for all users.