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MRU Foundation

Support the Mount Royal Conservatory

The magnificent Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts is home to Mount Royal’s world-renowned Conservatory. MRU Conservatory offers music and speech arts education for every age and stage all in our state-of-the-art facilities. Each year more than 3,500 students participate in Conservatory programming.

The Conservatory delivers programs that inspire music education and training among youth, but it comes at a significant cost. Instrument maintenance, best-in-class instruction and world-class programs require support beyond what MRU is able to support on a sustained basis.

Academy Endowment Fund: Growing the Academy Endowment Fund has been identified as the Conservatory’s #1 fundraising priority to ensure that the Academy Program can continue providing Young Artist Grants to all students. Currently, there are two endowments that support the Academy - totalling $2.3 million. The goal is to grow the endowment to $6 million over the next three years, with a stretch goal of $10 million. Fulfilling this goal will provide sustainable funding of upwards of $210,000 per year Classroom Workdirectly to the Academy Program.

Conservatory Piano Maintenance and Enhancement Fund: Maintaining (and on occasion replacing) the concert piano fleet is a critical aspect of our operations. A fund needs to be created to care for these valuable assets.

Conservatory Academy Program Guest Artists Fund: Academy students greatly benefit from guest artists leading masterclasses. Honoraria and travel costs for these guest artists are required to continue offering this valuable experience.

Scholarships and Bursaries for Conservatory Students: Support a budding musician directly by helping to offset the cost of receiving world-class instruction.

Taylor Centre Concert Series Support Fund: The Taylor Centre’s amazing Bella Concert Hall is renowned as among the best acoustically-designed concert halls in Canada. While its intimate size allows for an unparalleled concert experience, its size is also one of the facility's greatest challenges. The limited number of tickets sold per performance drives down revenue. To continue to give audiences this amazing opportunity to see and hear world-class talent, we are creating this fund.

“Past guests, including singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith, blues singer Ruthie Foster and pipa player Wu Man, who plays in cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble, stopped their respective performances to comment on how beautiful the hall was and the exquisite sound it creates.” - Brad Mahon Dean, Continuing Education + Conservatory of Music, Mount Royal University