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Support Teaching and Learning

Mount Royal is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, and high-quality academic programs. The key to this commitment is a personalized learning experience for students. This means providing them with smaller class sizes and inclusive instruction and focusing on the academic success and growth of each student.

Help support our students in the following areas:

Curriculum development and enhancement: Funding would enable faculty to better assess, modify and improve approaches to teaching and curriculum. One way this is done is by visiting partners, such as those from Indigenous or international communities, helping to improve student learning outcomes.

STEM outreach, equity, diversity and inclusion: Early outreach is key to encouraging more participation by underrepresented groups, such as females and Indigenous students, in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. By removing barriers for these students we can increase participation in these fields.

Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISOTL): Our research centre delves into developing a deep understanding of how students learn so broad and long-term advancements in teaching can be made. Scholars work together to constantly elevate knowledge about effective teaching and learning methods. Mount Royal is an acclaimed leader in this field, and this Institute is a hub for sharing resources and coordinating research locally, regionally and nationally. We aim to build an endowment to support the Institute’s ongoing operations and activities.

Teaching fellows and visiting scholars: Mount Royal is constantly enhancing and creating innovative ways to teach for the benefit of students. Because this field changes quickly, funding to support teaching fellows and visiting scholars in our Academic Development Centre will increase the scope and speed of this work.

Endowed teaching chairs: Endowed chairs are a powerful recruitment and retention tool that ensures our students are being taught by the best and brightest in their fields. By creating teaching chairs, faculty are recognized and rewarded for their commitment and demonstration of top-quality instruction – a critical input into students’ success across the University.

Teaching and learning enhancement and innovation grants: Faculty continually develop, implement and evaluate new teaching approaches, such as simulation learning and podcasting. These industry-relevant and innovative approaches need funding to ensure they can continue to grow and expand over time.

Centre for Liberal Education: With funding, this proposed centre would sustain, enhance and promote innovation in liberal education through dialogue, research, professional development, public events and community outreach.

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