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MRU Foundation

Gifts at Work

Indigenous Housing Program

Thanks to a $300,000 gift from David and Leslie Bissett, our Indigenous Housing Program will be able to double in capacity!

The only program of its kind in Canada, Mount Royal's Indigenous Housing Program (IHP) was created specifically for members of Canada's Indigenous population, both singles and those who are raising families. The IHP, which is run through the Iniskim Centre, helps these students succeed at their studies by providing a solid support network and access to housing, campus amenities and cultural connections.

Rain Desjarlais, who graduated from Mount Royal's Bachelor of Nursing program, credits the IHP with providing a safe and affordable home for her and her children so she could focus on school and her family's future.

"This project coincides nicely with other things we are doing in the school system here in Calgary. We're enabling people who may have otherwise had difficulties obtaining a more advanced education." - David Bissett

Military Memorial Bursaries

Since our founding in 1910, hundreds of Mount Royal students, faculty, staff and alumni have served in uniform. Since the First World War, 29 have given their lives. In 2011, Mount Royal’s centennial year, we created a memorial bursary in the name of each of our fallen soldiers.

Our Military Memorial Bursaries will honour the sacrifice made by the fallen members of our Mount Royal family, while furthering the dreams of 29 Mount Royal students, every year, in perpetuity.

In the 2018/19 academic year, 19 of the 29 Military Memorial Bursary Program recipients are active members or veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces.

“This award has given me the boost to remind me not to quit and that my hard work will pay off someday by finishing my degree. This financial support will allow me to go on my first Expedition next year, which is a graduation requirement. I have served with the military from 2012-2016 and signed in for supplementary reservist for 10 years to work on my career. After I am done my degree, I am going back to the Canadian Armed Forces to serve.” - Devon, 2018 MMB Recipient

Scotiabank Student International Experience

Learning has no borders. To ensure the richest education possible, Mount Royal University has built an international education program that is widely regarded as one of the best. Our goal is to send 20% of graduating students abroad by 2025 but we can’t achieve that alone. Thanks to Scotiabank, 48 MRU students had access to funds to support international exchanges, international faculty-led field schools and international internships/work experience in just this past year.

In 2018/19 students were able to travel to 12 countries across the world; including Botswana, France, Mexico, Germany, Scotland, Spain, and Turks & Caicos to name a few. Scotiabank Student International Experience grant recipients will no doubt feel the impact of their study abroad experience throughout their professional and personal lives—each in their own individual way.

“As I try to put into words what the India Field School has done for me, I do not know where to begin. This is an experience that has influenced me in all ways possible, and that I believe will continue to influence me for years to come. I have not only grown personally but also academically and professionally, as this field school has shown me doors to every situation possible and has opened my perspective to the unimaginable.” - Amanda, Bachelor of Child Studies

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