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Frequently asked questions about the MRU Student Ambassador Program 

What are you looking for from applicants?

There is not one perfect Ambassador. The program values diversity and difference within the team. We are looking for applicants who are reliable, open to personal development and overall passionate about MRU. Here are some more traits we may look for: engaged, enthusiastic, compassionate, authentic, organized, work well with others, friendly, active listener, and emotionally competent. We look for people with a willingness to learn and the ability to adapt and problem solve. But most importantly we look for students who are ready to take on and produce professional level work in their interactions with donors, team members, collaborators and the projects/events in which they participate.

Do I need to be really outgoing or accomplished?

The Student Ambassador program values differences and believes they are important for building a strong team. Not all Ambassadors need to be extroverted, as long as they are willing to engage with donors in a friendly manner. In addition, you don’t need to have a list of accomplishments or incredible stories to tell. We’re looking for people who care about MRU and can share their experiences with those who invest in MRU.

What kind of hours do Ambassadors work?

Hours vary week to week depending on the season, the number of shifts an Ambassador signs up for, events occurring on campus, etc., but typically students work 1-3 shifts a quarter that range from 2-7 hours each.

Students who want more hours typically get them, and those who want fewer are able to keep their schedule a little lighter. While academic success is a student’s top priority, we expect a high level of commitment to all Ambassador shifts and training and to arrange all non-class activities accordingly. There will be a 3 strike rule implemented for all ambassadors enrolled in the program. These strikes will only come into effect if ambassadors fail to show up for their volunteer shifts and/or do not give enough ample time for the team to find coverage.

Ambassadors are some of the busiest students on campus! We have varsity athletes, tutors, club presidents, and other busy bees in our program. Luckily, because of how flexible the position is, this job can fit into busy schedules. 

What are some of the intangible benefits of working here?

  • Ambassadors will receive apparel that will support their interactions with donors and students.
  • Welcome VIP guests to campus, including Chancellor’s Society Members.
  • Interact with the president and other university administrators.
  • Network with influential alumni, business and community leaders and dignitaries.
  • Specialized opportunities, like speaking at events, professional recommendations.
  • Learn more about the fundraising and stewardship functions of the university.
  • Specialized training to enhance your professional skills.
  • Developing presentation and storytelling skills. 

Is this a volunteer opportunity?

Yes! The professional and personal development these volunteer opportunities offer is invaluable. Not only does this look wonderful on a resume, but you will develop professional skills such as leadership, networking, organization and communication.

What can I expect from a donor event?

Ambassadors get to spend a lot of time networking and eating delicious meals. The program was created to give MRU donors and friends of the university the chance to interact with those whom their gifts are impacting most—students! The program is extremely important in building relationships with donors, as they love meeting students who are passionate about MRU and can share their experiences.

To whom do I report?

The Student Ambassador Coordinator will be the first point of contact for students. The Donor Relations Associate will support the Student Ambassador Coordinator and will manage the program. There is additional support and direction from the Senior Donor Relations Strategist. There is a valuable pool of leadership, direction and coaching. Experienced teammates also serve as mentors and support. This support team is readily available in person at events, by email and/or doors are always open.

What kinds of events do Ambassadors attend?

Ambassadors attend a variety of events, including stewardship events, the Chancellor’s Society events, VIP and Board of Trustee dinners, holiday parties, and Alumni Events.

What is the dress code? Do I need a whole new wardrobe?

Dress code varies per event. Most common types are “professional” (think of what you would wear to a job interview). Do I need a completely new wardrobe? Absolutely not! While Ambassadors are expected to wear professional attire often, we emphasize that Ambassadors should not feel the need to go out and spend a lot of money on new clothes. Professional clothes can be re-worn to multiple events, so it is not necessary to have an entire closet full of professional clothing. All interested applicants should apply, even if they are unsure if they can obtain professional clothing, as the program is happy to work with you to make that a possibility. The focus is on you and your passion for MRU, not what clothes are in your wardrobe.

How long does the Student Ambassador program run?

The program will run roughly from the end of August until June. After April, the program will slow down considerably but there are still opportunities to attend donor events.

Do I have to reapply every year?

No, you do not need to reapply each year for the program. Your performance and alignment in the program is reviewed annually.

How long will I be an Ambassador?

We ask that you commit to a minimum of one academic year in this position. A lot of the training and benefit from being in this program comes from time invested into the position. Unfortunately, once you’ve graduated from Mount Royal University you will no longer be eligible to be a part of the Student Ambassador program. We are hoping to keep you connected as an alumni. If you are interested, there are many great ways to stay connected once you’ve graduated to continue to give back to the MRU community.

How can I stay updated?

Contact us by phone, email or stop by the office!

Phone: 403-483-0731