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ETOL Film Night 
Supporting the Allan Derbyshire Student Award

How to support MRU's Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (ETOL) Film Night

Part of the popularity of this program — which is unique in Western Canada — is the experiential learning requirements. Our ETOL students complete experiential learning components in each year of the program, including a fourth-year capstone course giving them the opportunity to get some real-world experience and put their classroom theory into practice.

The ETOL Film night is a unique opportunity for students to share their experiences through photography and film. We will present fields schools, expeditions, and adventures from Mount Royal University Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership students, alumni and faculty. Stories are showcased through film and photography to share the unique experiences travel and wild places impart on each and everyone of us.

The event also provides much needed funding for the Allan Derbyshire Student Award. This provides funding to ETOL students completing their non-academic graduation requirements (which include expeditions and certifications).

Support the Allan Derbyshire Sudent Award

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Allan Derbyshire Student Award

This award has been created to aid senior ETOL students in partially funding their individual graduation requirements, including wilderness first aid, expeditions, and advanced certifications in such areas as guiding or instruction. This money truly provides financial support to help ETOL students achieve their non-academic graduation requirements. This award is handed out based on our application process.