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MRU Foundation

Frequently asked questions about MRU Giving Projects


  1. What project should I support?
    Any project that inspires you! Our projects vary from sustainable initiatives to student services. Choose one that’s in line with your own values and interests.

  2. Where does my money go?
    100% of your donation goes to the project you specify. From there, the project will use your money for its most urgent needs.

  3. Is Mount Royal University a non-profit?
    Yes, Mount Royal University (MRU) runs all of it’s fundraising through our foundation, which is a non-profit institution. MRU relies heavily on philanthropy to make sure it can supply the best education possible for its students.

  4. How can I make a donation?
    You can donate online by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on each project page.
    You can donate over the phone at 403-440-7700
    You can mail in a cheque payable to "Mount Royal University Foundation" to:

    Annual GivingMount Royal University Foundation
    4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    T3E 6K6

  5. How do I get a tax receipt?
    If you make a gift online, you will automatically get a tax receipt via email. If you make your donation over the phone, in person or by mail, your tax receipt will be processed within two to five business days after it is received. It will then be mailed to the address we have on file for you. To contact donations processing for additional questions, call 403-440-7700.

    Donations of $25 or more receive a tax receipt.

  6. How else can I help besides giving money?
    Become a project ambassador! Pick a project, get behind it and spread the word online or to your friends by joining our social media community. The more people that know about your project, the higher the chance it will reach its fundraising goal.

  7. How can I submit a project?
    Fill out this form, and we will be in touch shortly. We are looking for:
    - Projects run by students or projects that are student-focused;
    - Projects that are sustainable initiatives, provide a social service and/or internship opportunities;
    - Projects that directly support MRU’s primary purpose and activities.

  8. How do I know if my project has been approved?
    You will be contacted by a staff person in Foundation to schedule an interview if you meet the initial criteria. After the interview stage, all projects will be reviewed and successful projects will be notified by phone or email.

  9. What is annual giving?
    Annual giving is when alumni, students, faculty and staff, or friends of MRU make a monetary donation every year. The importance of annual gifts is that MRU relies on these donations to provide flexible support for enhancing scholarships, student programs, research and any other needs that arise.

  10. What happens if a project doesn’t meet its goal?
    Donations made on this site to the featured projects are flexible funding – the project will receive all funds raised, even if it does not reach its goal. If a project needs the full amount to fulfill its goals (and cannot make use of the partial amount of donations raised), the donations received will be transferred to the discretionary fund tied to the project campaign.

    All contributions are non-refundable.

  11. Can I control if and how my donation is published?
    Yes, on the donation confirmation page you will be prompted to select the level of privacy you are comfortable with or remain completely anonymous.

  12. Is my information secure?
    Yes. We comply with all MRU policies and FOIP legislation

  13. Who should I contact if I have more questions?
    Please email or call 403-440-7700


  1. What kinds of projects can be submitted?
    Projects which will advance teaching and learning at MRU – including those focused on student aid, student experience, athletics, conservatory or faculty-specific initiatives – and have a specific deadline for funding can be submitted.

  2. What is an appropriate funding level for projects?
    With some exceptions, we will accept projects with goals between $1,000 and $30,000.

  3. Who can submit a project?
    Any member of the MRU community can submit a project for consideration.

  4. How much information do I need to provide?
    The more the better. MRU Foundation staff will polish your submissions but we will all be more successful if you can submit as many photos, videos, names of project beneficiaries and points in support of the project as possible.

  5. Who decides that a project will be added?
    The MRU Foundation office will determine which projects will be added to the site, based on the above criteria and expected fundability.

  6. How do I access the donations?
    Funds will only be deposited in a university account or designation associated with your project. We will work with you and, where appropriate, a university representative to ensure the funds are available to you.


  1. Once my project is submitted, how can I help it succeed?
    • Share. Tweet, Facebook and blog about your project to your personal social network and get the word out.
    • Give. Make your own personal gift to put your money where your project is.
    • Remember the 30% rule. Good crowdfunding principles recommend that you try to raise at least 30% of your goal before you launch it. Talk to your personal networks – friends and family – before you start and ask them to help your project get off the ground.
    • Update. Keep the project alive with updated photos, videos and testimonials. Send them to us and we’ll post them for you.
    • Steward. Even once the project is funded, keep MRU and your social network updated on its success so we can ensure those donors will be interested in other opportunities.