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MRU Giving Day Toolkit

Thank you for being part of the MRU Community and spreading the word about MRU’s Giving Day! People like you who give - and encourage others to give as well - will be key to ensuring this Giving Day is a success!

You can use the resources below to help demonstrate your MRU pride and spread the word about Giving Day. Every #MRUGivingDay post and email you share leading up to on Giving Day (November 28, 2023!) will contribute to the success of the day

Learn how you can get involved

Our MRU Giving Day Toolkit is designed to make it simple for you to build support for an area you are passionate about. So, let’s get started!

1. Show your support - Use this Toolkit to customize your personal social media pages with Giving Day images, text and video.

2. Spread the word - Share MRU Giving Day posts to your personal social media pages and actively encourage your networks to participate. 

Social Media

  • Follow MRU social channels (see box to the left) and follow hashtag #MRUGivingDay for great content to share and participate in. 

  • Share MRU posts and create posts on your personal social media channels to let your friends and followers know about it and how they can donate.

  • Make sure to tag MRU in your social media posts and use #MRUGivingDay

  • Personalize posts with stories, experiences or observations you have of the impact of donations on student lives.

  • Post and share Giving Day content throughout the month of November to build excitement for Nov. 28!

Sample Social Media posts

MRU Giving Day is November 28, 2023! This 24 hour campaign is a way to celebrate philanthropy on campus and highlight the impact of our generous donor community. #MRUgivingday

Donations help ensure MRU students have access to exceptional courses, professors, learning experiences, technology and facilities, mental health support and help remove barriers students face to support them with inclusive, meaningful services and programs. Join us Nov. 28 for MRU Giving Day! #MRUgivingday

Support MRU students by donating on Giving Day Nov. 28! I know how important donations are for students because ___________. Visit to participate. #MRUgivingday

If you would like to help spread the word for MRU Giving Day and fundraise for a specific area at MRU please contact us at


Tag us in your posts and use #MRUGivingDay so that we can share your posts to MRU social channels.



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